Today, thousands of men, women and children are forced to endure unspeakable abuses by means of commercial exploitation. The overwhelming percentage of victims, mostly women and children, are trafficked into the commercial sex industry.

YAYASAN KASIH YANG UTAMA exists to end this slavery. But we cannot simply eradicate this crime. As part of a worldwide movement working to end modern-day slavery, we must also care for it's survivors. 

At Yayasan Kasih Yang Utama, we provide holistic aftercare for trafficking survivors, partnered law enforcement training, safe pathways for survivors through the court system, and financial collaboration for rescues of trafficked persons. 

We employ local staff in cooperation with western partners to serve the survivors in our care; we value and pursue genuine and supportive partnerships with like-minded non-profit organizations and law enforcement agencies. 


Residential aftercare shelters for survivors of child sexual trafficking is the core work of YKYU. These shelters host holistic, long-term rehabilitation for survivors 13-18 years-old. This includes medical care, education, life and job skills training, trauma-informed counseling, and mentorship programs. From our shelters we also provide legal advocacy and family support services for survivors.

Many of our services are also available to survivors who are able to return home after rescue as well as those who reintegrate after a season in residential aftercare. These services are available through the YKYU Residential and Community-Based Aftercare Program.

YKYU’s long-term shelter is the first of its kind in Indonesia to offer comprehensive aftercare services. It is our goal to extend these programs to many other regions in hopes of helping Indonesia become a leader in aftercare services for trafficking survivors, currently preparations are underway for the opening of a second shelter.