Below are videos, downloads, and information to help you educate and arm yourself with the resources needed to help your self and those around you from falling prey to trafficking. It takes a community to stand up to human trafficking, so be proactive and be ready.

Who To Call

If you or someone you know is danger of being trafficked, there is help. Please call the numbers below:

Indonesian National police

For Emergencies: 110

National Commission for Child Protection (Komisi Nasional Perlindungan Anak)

To access the hotline from outside of Indonesia, tel.: (62) (21) 8779-1818

To access the hotline from within Indonesia, tel.: (0) 21-8779-1818


Secretary at the National Central Bureau of INTERPOL

Jalan Trunojoyo 3 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Tel.: (62) (21) 721-8098/739-3650 Fax: (62) (21) 720-1402