Konferensi Advokasi Asia

Advocates Asia 2014

Integritas yang berdasarkan belaskasihan dalam hukum dan masyarakat

Pertemuan para pengacara-pengacara dan aktifis-aktifis yang tergabung dalam komunitas Anti-trafiking, nasional maupun internasional, berfokus pada bagaimana memiliki 

A meeting of lawyers and activists in the Anti-trafficking communities both nationally and internationally focusing on how to have "Justice with Compassion & Integrity".  It was a time of learning, building partnerships, and also strategizing on how to change nations through the Justice System & and the law.  We covered topics such as:  the Law & Legal Administration as an expression of agape love, higher law as a basis for human rights, corruption's effects on economic development: Poverty, and also eradicating trafficking and other violent crimes through the development of the public justice system.