Partnered Peer-To-Peer Law Enforcement Training

YKYU has conducted peer-to-peer best practice conferences for local Indonesian law enforcement and prosecutors conducted by an alliance of foreign and Indonesian government depts. These conferences have been a success on several fronts: including better tools for victim identification and proper guidance of survivors throughout the judicial process; an increase in the launch of investigations and rescues at the regional level; and greater inter-agency cooperation through the court process has been facilitated.  Through these conferences we have also developed important relationships with regional civil departments and are seeing genuine progress in the prosecution of those committing human trafficking crimes.

Case Managed Intervention Support

In most cases, when reports of a sexually exploited child are made, YKYU partners with the police, government bodies, and other NGO's to provide support for rescues; specifically by providing case coordinators to work with the family ahead of a child’s rescue.

Education & Awareness

One of the most powerful ways to end human trafficking is to educate and empower a community to fight it. To that end, YKYU hosts multiple education and awareness events for the general public and often partners with institutions like schools and churches.

We also offer awareness programs for concerned citizens to host in their own communities. Go here for more information on hosting your own event.

East Java Project

YKYU is currently serving an especially vulnerable population in East Java situated in a 17-acre cemetery area. Many of them are survivors of abuse, sexual exploitation, trafficking and severe poverty. Most are affected by severe poverty and many disabled, orphaned, ill, or widowed. Thus, make the children vulnerable to being trafficked.

We exist to support mothers and children through education, economic empowerment, and case managed care. This project also serves as our prevention effort and community development program.


Our community centers offer a variety of opportunities and resources for women. Parenting classes, entrepreneurship training, cooking, sewing, and English classes have taken off! We are amazed by their determination, resilience, and confidence as they rebuild their futures and imagine the possibilities for themselves and their families. Your support allows us to walk alongside these women, and continue to be their cheerleaders, advocates, and friends.


A group of mothers took sewing classes at our community center and have successfully launched their own online clothing line. For more information regarding this, please contact:


We offered a micro-loan to a mom so that she could open a rice shop in her community, and 4 years later it is still thriving.


The children in this community are strong, resilient, smart, beautiful, and motivated. They drive our program forward by sharing their interests and dreams with us. It’s a privilege to follow their lead and watch as dreams become reality.


Education is power, and these kids are world-changers. Many parents in this community are unable to afford tuition or school supplies. A few years ago, we sent twenty kids to school for the very first time. This program continues to expand as we serve more families.


We offer a wide range of classes and activities for children and teens from 0-18 years old. Volunteers and staff lead classes in entrepreneurship, English, public speaking, soccer, cooking, and more. Young children and babies often come to the center for a safe place to play and be cared for during the day.